Is FIFA 23 worth buying? (2023)

Modified 21 Oct 2022

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Is FIFA 23 worth buying? (10)

It has been over 20 days since FIFA 23 was released on all platforms (a bit more if one considers the early access period). However, many players are still hesitant to check out the game due to skepticism about what it offers.

At the moment, there are hardly any discounts for FIFA 23. The only ones available are promotional offers at certain physical stores or a discount applicable to those who have subscribed to EA Play services on all platforms.

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Many players will have to pay the full price if they want to enjoy this year's edition of FIFA. The question that now arises is whether the game offers enough good content for players to spend their hard-earned cash on it.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the writer

FIFA 23 is far from a perfect product, but it's the only option football lovers have

Football is widely considered to be the most popular sport in the world. The potential of a video game that aims to mimic the football experience is unquestionable, and EA Sports has proven this fact over the past two decades. However, as exciting as the developers' objective has been, they have frequently encountered obstacles.

Is FIFA 23 worth buying? (11)

The developers of the FIFA video game series release titles annually towards the end of September.

However, some fans feel there's not enough fresh content between two annual releases to warrant a full price for a new game. The same has been said about FIFA 23, but there's reason to believe otherwise.

Is FIFA 23 worth buying? (12)

This year's release is not a miraculous product, and it has several flaws. For starters, major bugs and glitches are yet to be fixed entirely, and there are loopholes that cheaters can exploit. Some features, like how the game decides matches where an opponent quits, are incredibly frustrating for players. There are also many points of criticism about the gameplay.

While it has its shortcomings, FIFA 23 offers better value than previous annual titles. While the gameplay is not perfect, it's suited for a wide player base. Things like Pace are dominant in the meta, but the new AcceleRATE system in the current-gen platforms has improved the situation. Additionally, many more cards are viable this year.

Is FIFA 23 worth buying? (13)

PC players can now enjoy current-gen features like HyperMotion. The game also offers a crossplay option in all the major game modes. Thanks to this feature, players can play with and against their friends and random opponents without worrying about the platform.

While all the game modes have been retained from previous years, FIFA 23 will also have a dedicated World Cup game mode. The mode recently became accessible, thanks to a glitch on the PS5, and it looks very interesting, to say the least.

Is FIFA 23 worth buying? (14)

Overall, FIFA 23 does what's expected and has a lot of scope for improvement. However, it's the best football video game that a lover of the sport can get today.

While eFootball 2022 is free, it doesn't have enough content for starters. It barely feels like a finished game and doesn't have anything to offer to those who prefer playing offline.

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Is FIFA 23 worth buying? (32)Is FIFA 23 worth buying? (33)

Is FIFA 23 worth buying? (34)

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    (Video) FIFA 23 Review - The Final Verdict


    Will FIFA 23 be any good? ›

    The gameplay is the star of the show with FIFA 23 and it's the most fun I have had with a FIFA game on the pitch in a number of years. The addition of an updated HyperMotion engine – a feature first introduced last year – improves the motion of players, giving lots of them distinct feelings and movement.

    Is FIFA 23 worth it if you have FIFA 22? ›

    In this comparison, FIFA 23 fares much better than FIFA 22. And if you do not have any of these games yet, and are wondering which one is worth investing in the most – choose the unimaginably epic gameplay in FIFA 23.

    Are packs worth buying FIFA 23? ›

    The Pivot Pack is worth the coins if someone has plenty to spend in the game and doesn't mind taking a risk. It's also worth it for those who play a lot of friendlies, as the guaranteed Prime Icon loan is a good return at this price. FIFA 23 players with a shortage of coins should look elsewhere.

    Should i buy FIFA 23 on PS5? ›

    It goes without saying that the PS5 is going to be the best place to play FIFA 23 and upgrading to play on this console will ensure that you get the absolute most out of the experience.

    Is FIFA 23 pay to win? ›

    Pay to Win

    As with the game's predecessors, the most popular mode in FIFA 23 is the “pay-to-win” mode FIFA Ultimate Team. The only way to quickly get good players on your team is to invest hard-earned money in the game.

    Is FIFA 23 slower than FIFA 22? ›

    FIFA 23 is a much slower game than FIFA 22, but it has improved on player movement and game mechanics so it can be as smooth and realistic as possible.

    Is FIFA 23 different from 22? ›

    The biggest addition to FIFA this year is the inclusion of women's club teams. You'll now be able to play as any of the current clubs from the Barclays FA Women's Super League and Division 1 Arkema.

    Why is FIFA 23 hard? ›

    FIFA 23's Legendary in particular has its issues in the aspect of the AI moving and passing the ball much quicker than players can react, leaving for a more frustrating experience than ever.

    Will FIFA 23 have World Cup mode? ›

    As fixtures are updated with real results in FIFA World Cup™: Live, new starting points unlock for Your FIFA World Cup™. The Your FIFA World Cup™ mode will be available after the results from the first Match Day 1 fixture are updated in the game.

    How will FIFA 23 be different? ›

    A new risk versus reward shooting mechanic, refreshed free kicks, penalties and corners, and more realistic physics bring the variety of football to The World's Game.

    What is a 100k pack called on FIFA 23? ›

    Jumbo Rare Players Pack

    How much is 4600 FIFA Points? ›

    FIFA 23: New FIFA Points Prices In FUT

    EA has removed the 250 FIFA Points ($2.49), 750 FIFA Points ($7.49), 2200 FIFA Points ($19.99) and the good old 4600 FIFA Points ($39.99). We don't like this, because let's be honest: Now we can't spend twenty bucks anymore, we have to invest more right away.

    Is FIFA 23 easy? ›

    FIFA 23 successfully pulls together two of the world's most popular pastimes: Soccer (or to most of the world, football) and video games. Like soccer, FIFA games are easy to play, but difficult to master.

    How much is FIFA 23 going to cost? ›

    The Ultimate edition of FIFA 23 is priced at $99.99.

    Is FIFA 23 better on PS4 or PS5? ›

    The graphics are also better on the PS5. Players are processed much better, the same applies to the stadium and fans. The Ultimate Team transfer market is one and the same on the PS4 and PS5, but Crossplay is not possible.

    Can I earn money by playing FIFA? ›

    GameChampions is the best site to play FIFA 22 tournaments and stand a chance to win amazing cash prizes. Every weekend thousands of players make money online competing in our FIFA tournament. We host a tournament with an epic prize pool every day and we giveaway thousands of euros in prizes every season.

    Will FIFA 23 have the Qatar World Cup? ›

    FIFA 23 unveils the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Team of the Tournament in FUT - Meristation USA.

    Does FIFA pay football players? ›

    All clubs a player has played for in the two years prior to the tournament will be compensated.

    Why FIFA 23 is cheaper than FIFA 22? ›

    As per the report, “the significant price decrease coincides with what is a significant edition of the long-running football franchise.” The report also mentions that FIFA 23 will be the last of its name as EA`has refused to pay the $250 million per year. The publishers will instead start fresh in 2023 as EA Sports FC.

    What teams will not be in FIFA 23? ›

    Latest FIFA 23 News

    Ecuador, Senegal, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Costa Rica, Japan, Cameroon, Serbia, Switzerland, South Korea and Uruguay are all missing from FIFA 23, whilst the Brazilian national team will have generic players.

    Is defending harder in FIFA 23? ›

    Defending Tips

    In FIFA, talented offenses tend to reign supreme, so defending becomes more difficult but that much more important. Just like attacking, defending is a multi-faceted responsibility for FIFA players.

    Will FIFA 23 allow 5 subs? ›

    With more leagues and associations reintroducing the 5 substitutes rule, FIFA 23 will also allow players to make up to five substitutions per match, except in Online Seasons and Seasons Co-Op matches.

    How do you tackle in FIFA 23? ›

    To do the Hard Slide Tackle when controlling a player out of possession, press R1 + Square [PS] or RB + X [XBOX].

    Does FIFA 23 have Champions League? ›

    FIFA 23 is the only place you can play on the world's biggest stage in both the men's and women's FIFA World Cup™ tournaments, as well as the iconic UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, CONMEBOL Sudamericana, Premier League, Bundesliga, and LaLiga Santander.

    Why is Brazil not in FIFA 23? ›

    The reason why the legitimate Brazil team was not in the game is due to licensing issues.

    Do all FIFA 23 World Cup players expire? ›

    It's important to note that only the World Cup player items are expiring. World Cup promotional items from events such as Path to Glory or Phenoms are not expiring. Those items will remain in the club for use for the rest of FIFA 23 and can be traded on the transfer market if they are tradeable.

    Is FIFA 23 going to be the last FIFA ever? ›

    Of note, FIFA 23 is the final entry in the series from EA bearing that name. 2023's game will be called EA Sports FC due to EA and FIFA breaking up. 2022 is a huge year for football, with the men's and women's World Cups taking place in the next year, so FIFA 23 is surely set to grow much bigger still.

    Is 2K23 worth it? ›

    If you ask me, if you're not willing to play MyCareer or even MyTeam, then save your money as NBA 2K23 is not worth it in the long run. You'll just end up spending more money than you initially thought you would while potentially playing anything but basketball. This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox Series X/S.

    Is FIFA 23 or NBA 2K23 better? ›

    NBA 2K23 topped the PlayStation 5 charts in the US and Canada, while FIFA 23 topped the European charts.
    PS5 Games.
    1NBA 2K23FIFA 23
    2FIFA 23NBA 2K23
    3The Last of Us Part IThe Last of Us Part I
    4Madden NFL 23Cyberpunk 2077
    16 more rows
    Oct 6, 2022

    What teams are missing from FIFA 23? ›

    Latest FIFA 23 News

    Ecuador, Senegal, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Costa Rica, Japan, Cameroon, Serbia, Switzerland, South Korea and Uruguay are all missing from FIFA 23, whilst the Brazilian national team will have generic players.

    Will there be VAR in FIFA 23? ›

    Surprisingly, though, FIFA 23 still doesn't use VAR, even though it's been ruining the real thing for nearly half a decade now.

    Will FIFA 23 have story mode? ›

    Latest deals. Plus, Ted Lasso and FIFA 23 have teamed up, allowing you to play as AFC Richmond in a number of different game modes (there's no story mode to play with them, though).

    Is FIFA 23 worth it? ›

    Overall, FIFA 23 does what's expected and has a lot of scope for improvement. However, it's the best football video game that a lover of the sport can get today. While eFootball 2022 is free, it doesn't have enough content for starters.

    Is there gonna be a FIFA 24? ›

    Those looking forward to FIFA 24 this year will be in for a bit of a shock - there will be no FIFA game from EA Sports this year, with the company's annual football release being rebranded as EA Sports FC.

    Is FIFA going to end? ›

    The FIFA video game will be disappearing after the maker failed to strike a new licensing deal with world soccer's governing body. Instead, EA Sports FC will be introduced from 2023 after the company creates the final game in partnership with FIFA later this year.

    Will 2K23 have MyCAREER? ›

    NBA 2K23 gives you the yearly upgrade to the tried and true basketball simulator we all know and love. Besides realistic graphics and updated shooting animations, NBA 2K23 has a wide range of game modes, including MyCareer.

    Does anything transfer from 2K22 to 2K23? ›

    If you own a copy of NBA 2K22 and now have NBA 2K23 in your video game library, you may be wondering if you can transfer any leftover VC from the former into the latter? Unfortunately the answer is no, you cannot transfer VC between versions of NBA 2K.

    How long is 2K23 story mode? ›

    3 12h 26m

    Is Jordan a 100 overall in 2K23? ›

    Michael Jordan deemed a 'sacred cow' amid NBA 2K23 99 overall rating.

    What overall will LeBron James be in 2K23? ›

    LeBron James, Forward, Los Angeles Lakers: 98 OVR (+2)

    Is FIFA 23 on old gen? ›

    This one's a no. FIFA 23 will not support cross-gen play, with players only being able to link up with other systems within the same generation as their machine of choice.


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