Top 10 Serie A Football Clubs with Most Fans in the World in 2023 (Updated) (2023)

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Top 10 Serie A Football Clubs with Most Fans intheWorld in 2023

Serie A is considered one of the TOP 3 football leagues in the world. Millions of fans support it around the world. They show their support also on social media by following different Serie A football clubs.

Today, we are presenting you the Serie A football teams that are most followed in social media platforms worldwide.

So, which Serie A team has the most followers on social media?

The answer is Juventus!

Like in 2022, 2-time UEFA Champions League winner, Italy’s most successful club of the 20th century and one of the most successful football clubs in the world, Juventus is the most popular football club in Serie A with more than 136 million followers on social media platforms. Juventus is the only football team that has won all possible men’s professional club competitions.

Let’s have a detailed look at the Serie A football teams with the most fans in the world in 2023. Counting the number of fans, we have considered the social media fan following of the clubs.

Here are the results:

Top 10 Serie A Football Clubs with Most Fans in the World in 2023 (Updated) (1)

Compared to the 2022 results, the teams haven’t changed and kept their positions. Here is the TOP 10 Serie A teams by followers: 2022 vs 2023 comparison:

Top 10 Serie A Football Clubs with Most Fans in the World in 2023 (Updated) (2)

1. Juventus FC

Facebook:46,48 M

Instagram:51,7 M

Twitter:9,6 M

YouTube:3,51 M


Other:185 K

(Video) Comparison: Football Clubs With Most Fans

Total:117,2 M

2. AC Milan

Facebook: 25M

Instagram: 11,3 M

Twitter:8 M

YouTube:987 K

TikTok: 3,4 M

Other:154 K

Total:48,85 M

3. Inter FC

Facebook:28,9 M

Instagram: 7,5 M

Twitter:2,4 M

YouTube:874 K

TikTok: 1,7 M

Others: 141 K

Total:41,37 M

4. Roma AS

Facebook:10 M

Instagram: 4,1 M

Twitter:2 M

(Video) Top 10 Italy football clubs with ranking 2023

YouTube:529 K

TikTok: 912 K

Other: 46,5 K

Total:17,6 M

5. Napoli

Facebook:4,67 M

Instagram: 2,8 M

Twitter:1,8 M

YouTube:202 K

TikTok: 464,9 K

Other: 23,4 K

Total: 9,96 M

6. Fiorentina

Facebook:2 M

Instagram: 961 K

Twitter:704 K

YouTube: 52,4 K

TikTok: 416 K

Other: 40 K

Total:4,2 M

(Video) ¿Cuál es el equipo más grande de Inglaterra?

7. Lazio

Facebook:987,5 K

Instagram: 926 K

Twitter:632 K

YouTube: 98,7 K

TikTok: 24,6 K

Total: 2,66 M

8. Atalanta

Facebook:509,5 K

Instagram: 594 K

Twitter:439 K

YouTube: 69,9K

TikTok: 210 K

Other: 13,6 K

Total:1,84 M

9. Bologna

Facebook:1 M

Instagram: 190 K

Twitter:179,6 K

TikTok: 47,4 K

Other: 7 K

(Video) Top-20 Most googled football clubs 2023

Total:1,43 M

10. Torino

Facebook:485 K

Instagram: 365 K

Twitter:434 K

YouTube:39 K

TikTok: 44,5 K

Other: 15 K

Total:1,38 M

Top 10 Serie A Football Clubs with Most Fans in the World in 2023 (Updated) (3)

Top 10 Serie A Football Clubs with Most Fans in the World in 2023: Total Results

Serie A 2022-2023 season all 20 football clubs on social media by followers

Top 10 Serie A Football Clubs with Most Fans in the World in 2023 (Updated) (4)

Juventus – 117,2 M
AC Milan – 48,85 M
Inter – 41,37 M
Roma – 17,6 M
Napoli – 9,96 M
Fiorentina – 4,2 M
Lazio – 2,66 M
Atalanta – 1,84 M
Bologna – 1,43 M
Torino – 1,38 M
Cagliari – 1,32 M
Sampdoria – 1,18 M
Genoa – 1,15 M
Udinese – 1,05 M
Hellas Verona – 855 K
Sassuolo – 787 K
Empoli – 468,7 K
Venezia FC – 280 K
Salernitana – 215 K
Spezia – 198,5 K

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Which football club has world biggest fans? ›

Which football club has the most fans in the world 2023? Spanish Giants, Real Madrid has the most fans in the world. With a fan following of 272.5 million, Los Blancos tops the list of the football clubs with the biggest global fanbase.

Who is the biggest club in Serie A? ›

The most successful club is Juventus with 36 championships, followed by Inter Milan and AC Milan with 19 championships.

Who has the biggest fan club in the world? ›

1 Real Madrid CF

Real Madrid FC are the most widely supported club in the world. The major force in both Spanish and European football have the largest social media fan base – 242 million.

Who has the largest fan base in the world? ›

ARMY - BTS Fandom

The ARMY is the most powerful fandom in the world. Because it brought an end to the long reigning 'beliebers' group (fans of Justin Beiber). The reason why the ARMY came to be so popular is the short climb of BTS in being the first K-Pop group to win a place in the Billboards 200 Chart.

Which Serie A club has the most fans? ›

The answer is Juventus!

Who has the biggest fanbase Serie A? ›

FC Internazionale Milano, and AC Milan followed in the list, counting on roughly 3.9 million and 3.8 million supporters, respectively.
Number of Serie A football club supporters in Italy in the season 2019/2020, by club (in 1,000s)
CharacteristicNumber of supporters in thousands
Juventus FC8,725
12 more rows
Dec 9, 2022

Which Serie A clubs are the richest? ›

Serie A is the highest professional soccer league in Italy, the first edition of which dates back to 1898. As of September 2022, the Serie A team with the highest market value was FC Internazionale Milano, with a valuation of 604.05 million euros. AC Milan followed in the ranking with a value of 555.55 million euros.

Who are the most loyal football fans? ›

A Green Bay Packers fan base leads all NFL fan bases as of 2022, followed by the Patriots, Cowboys, the Eagles, and a Steeler fan base. Most NFL fans would agree with this result, with the Eagles possibly being an exception.

What are the top 5 biggest football clubs in the world? ›

So let's look at the major events and characteristics of the 10 most popular football clubs in the world and chances are that one could be your favorite.
  • Real Madrid.
  • Manchester United.
  • Barcelona.
  • Manchester City.
  • Liverpool.
  • Bayern Munich.
  • Chelsea.
  • Arsenal.

Which sport has the biggest fan? ›

Soccer / Association Football

Which country has more fans in football? ›

Many football fans are very fanatical about their favorite club. Football fantasy does not only happen in Indonesia. There are many countries with the most fanatical football fans in the world, namely as follows. Indonesia is often referred to as the country that has the most fanatical football fans in the world.

Which team has the most loyal fan base? ›

Royal Challengers Bangalore

RCB's fans have given their devotion to the team every time they play at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. The franchise has around 6.4 million followers on Twitter, 9.6 million on Instagram, and 9.9 million fans on Facebook. RCB is followed by around 26million fans.

Which club is the richest club in the world? ›

Richest Club In The World 2023:
  • Manchester City - £617.24 million.
  • Real Madrid - £613.21 million.
  • Bayern Munich - £585.01 million.
  • Barcelona - £557.61 million.
  • Manchester United - £534.25 million.
  • PSG - £532.63 million.
  • Liverpool - £526.99 million.
  • Chelsea - £472.20 million.
5 days ago

What are the top 5 best football clubs in the world? ›

Sure, your team defeated the league leaders last week but it doesn't instantly elevate them to the upper echelons of global football.
You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Manchester United. United make the top-10 cut by razor-thin margins. ...
  • Napoli. ...
  • Arsenal. ...
  • Inter Milan. ...
  • Barcelona. ...
  • PSG. ...
  • Liverpool. ...
  • Bayern Munich.
Feb 16, 2023

Who is the No 1 football club in the world? ›

Real Madrid- Best Football Club in the World

The club is roughly estimated to be worth $5.1billion as of 2022. As per records, Real Madrid has 35 La Liga trophies and 14 Champions League trophies under their belt.


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